Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, August 8, 2011

More Random Pictures from July

Montes, Clegg and Chasa Family

Clegg with Card and Hatch

Random Pictures from July

Card with Pedraja Montes

Card with Cleggs
Elder Clegg on the left

Zone Conference

I wish that I could really explain what went on this week, but it was zone conference week!!! That basically just means a mini party!! We all go and meet with a few other zones and get some instruction on how to be better missionaries, but also, to be honest, it's a great time to catch up with some people around the mission. In fact, we all just love each other, it's one big family. I sent a picture of the zones of La Mancha (mine) and the zones of Granada and Málaga in a group picture. As you can see, even President Clegg has a sense of humor. We took to the AVE train from Ciudad Real to Mágala on Thursday night and then had the zone conference on Friday morning. Wow, Malaga is just one awesome place. I have only been in small areas since the start of my mission, I have never been in a big city so to be back in the big lights and loud traffic was definitely a change. Plus, the humidity was death. The weather in La Mancha is perfect. By the way, La Mancha is just an area of Spain, like a providence, which is right next to Madrid, in the northern most part of the mission. 

In zone conference we learned a lot about just enjoying our missions. I learned a lot about how to better enjoy my mission and we also learned a lot from President Clegg. He went into an extreme explanation to the parable of the Good Samaritan and all of the amazing symbols in that parable. I always thought that it was just a normal parable, but apparently there are a lot more symbols that I realized. I challenge everyone to read the parable again and next week when I have my study journal I will go over the analysis by President Clegg. To be honest, today, there is not much time and I don't have any idea what to write. I am doing great though and am loving every part of my mission. I wish I could send more pictures, but I am still working on getting my camera cable (yes, that one, that has been lost since March). Anyways, transfers were also this past week, and it looks like I will be staying with Elder Hatch and in Puertollano for at least six more weeks, and probably my last transfer. Because at the end of this next transfer I will have been in Puertollano for 24 weeks and with Elder Hatch 15 weeks. Those are both pretty high numbers for this mission, but then again who knows?!? Point is, send all the mail you can to my address, I will still be here!!

Elder Steven Card
C/Cooperacion 5, Nº2 
13500 Puertollano
Ciudad Real

Thanks for everything!!!

Elder Steven Card