Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No Power

At first I was thinking that this last week nothing too exciting happened, but thinking about it more I realized that we did have a lot of cool things happen. Well, cool might not be the appropriate word but a lot of good learning experiences. Here is one.

We had a crazy story with our menos activo that just got reactivated named Isaac:

We have been working with him to get him all the possible blessings, so we have talked with the Bishop and with Isaac about getting his Patriarchal Blessing. He finally had the interview the other week and when it came to the question asking about if he was being honest with his fellow man and had been keeping all the commandments he came clean that he had been robbing power. He is an electrician so he hooked up the cables and gets free power. (They are in a HORRIBLE financial situation). Well, he called the electrical company to "confess" so the guy came by and cut their cords and took pictures and so now he is going to get hit with a big fine. Not only did they cut his cords but they found out that the majority of the block was robbing power so they cut their power as well. However, the whole  block paid 10 euros to a kid down the street who knew how to plug back in the cords and what not, and when they accidental plugged in Isaac's, Isaac ran down and told him to unplug his. We visited him in this crisis, and he told us, "You know how easy it is to just go downstairs and plug back in my cables? I know how to do it and our family needs power to even turn on the stove top to eat. I can easily justify it. You know how easy it would be to do this?"

I asked him, "Then why don't you?"
He said, "Tengo que ser recto. Tengo que hacer lo correcto." (I have to be righteous, I have to do what is right.)
He refused to do it and until now they are still without power. The power company said they won't turn the power back on until he pays the fine, which is a large one to say the least. The bishop has helped though. Some one brought over a gas powered stove so they can cook and a generator to keep the fridge running. The Relief Society also has pitched in with the food and they are being blessed. Soon, he will get his blessing and it will all be worth it. It was a great lesson that he taught me.

I guess, THAT was something exciting that happened this week.

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