Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Better Late than Never

Sorry. I know like two weeks without email right? Well the first one I´ll admit was laziness, but now I have an excuse. We had special training this past week and so they made us move our P Day so that is why I havent emailed you til now. But until Monday I will write you this. Remember, for Monday I need to talk the BAPTISM that we had, the training that I had, the Day of Miracles that I had, and the package that I got from the parents.... I think that was all I was going to talk about before they moved my p day. So remind me for Monday when I actually have time. 

But I will address the earthquake thing. The earthquake actually did some damage to the area, and of course since we are the Church of Jesus Christ we had missionaries there. To be honest I am not too sure what happened with them. I do know that the church building and the apartment building the elders were living in had significant damage done to them. The elders had to move for a breif period cuz they cant go back yet. They couldnt even get thier clothes. I am not sure what they specifically did, but the work goes on!!! Sorry I cant email much today but we have a lot of appointments this afternoon so we agreed to only stay here for like 30 mins, so I cant talk much. Monday though!!! Love you guys!! Tell Liz not to freak out about Jonas. And Liz Perry is getting married??!! TOTALLY UNACEPTABLE!!!! I havent even met the guy, and on top of it all you know how many letters I have received from Liz Perry (including Provo MTC time?) the same amount I have received from the Bennions dog Lulu..... ZERO. Ugh.... seriously?? Alright.... well.... til next time. Adios. Love ya!

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