Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

his past week has been a bit insane. I'll admit... the whole week I just looked forward to Sunday so I could call home. There were quite the memorable number of events this week....

First, I don't remember who I told this story to so some people might have heard it before but... this happened to someone else as well, and it is pretty much identical to what happened to me and my companion. We were waiting at the bus stop and we see these two Gypsies start walking towards us. My comp starts freaking out and is just uh oh...... I don't even have anything against Gypsies but it was funny to see his paranoia. Then, this guy comes out of nowhere and talks to them and then they just walk the other way. The guy then comes up to us and says, "So you saw those two Gypsies? Yeah.... well.... they were going to kill you." Hahahaha. To me it was more funny than scary. I don't really believe they were going to kill us, but it was still funny.

Another story from this past week..... the day before I got into this area the previous elders baptized this guy named Carlos. Well, he is this professor at a college and is super smart, and was a golden investigator. Whenever we went over to his apartment he would always ask us the "deep Gospel questions" and what not. He pretty much had every piece of literature about the Church and picture and everything. Some of the others thought he was a little strange but he seemed really sincere so we all gave him a shot. Well..... we just got a letter from him last week saying he no longer wishes to be a part of the church anymore. In fact, he never wanted to be a member of the church. He was actually an undercover agent for the Vatican and infiltrated ours, and other churches in the Puertollano area to report to the Holy Pontiff. Right...... Interesting to note that while he pretty much bashed every part of the church in his letter, including saying he doesn't believe anything about "Pepé Smith", he did say he felt bad for deceiving, not the members, but the missionaries. So we did our job fine. We taught with love, but..... he was either a little loopy or..... he really is an undercover agent for the Catholic Church lol.

Well on some happier news we have some baptisms this Thursday!!! Diego and Maribel are getting baptized. Diego wanted to get baptized for a long time, and we finally got his mom to get baptized too. The thing is, Diego also has an uncle whose whole family is already members. But when his family baptized (wife and two daughters) he said he doesn't want to get baptized with a bunch of women. He wants to get baptized with men lol. So when his nephew (Diego) would get baptized, he would. Well guess what? Diego is getting baptized! So we called him up and he said we could come over and talk. He lives on a ranch where he works. The family who owns the ranch puts him up in their own house on the property. So it was about an hour  away, but we drove out there with the Branch President and took a tour. 
The tour was really great. The property is huge and we spent a long time driving around. They had a pickup and so we rode in the bed of the truck and we went offroading and we drove through a river and everything. It was great!! My clothes got pretty much destroyed with mud though haha. Well, afterwards, we talked over some food. They brought out a nice plate of bread and chips, rice and meat. The meat looked all deformed and waht not, but they said it was just pig so I started eating it. I realized that it was all really fatty, but it did taste really good. Only after eating about 4 or 5 pieces did I specifically ask what PART of the pig was it... Well.... it was the head of the pig. I was eating the ear, the snout and the tongue of it. I'll admit though it was really really good. But it was hard to continue eating after I knew what it actually was. Thankfully, there wasn't the eyes or anything like that. But I did look closer and I did see the snout I was eating still had all the hair and everything, ughhhhh.

After our talk I felt we really got through to him but he wouldn't give us an answer there. He would pray about it with his wife and let us know. So we will know about it today sometime. I was hoping he would come to church yesterday but he didn't show up. I had to give a 15 minute talk, so I talked a lot about the importance of baptism but he was a no show. But regardless.... it was a good talk for everyone else to hear lol.

We have zone conference this Wednesday, Baptism this Thursday, transfer calls (if me or Corradi gets transferred) at the end of the week. It looks to be a bit more exciting than usual, especially with a baptism!! It will be great. I will let you know how it goes!! Until next week!! 


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