Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In the Dust..

Well.... so maybe the end could have ended a bit better but..... what can ya do? As for missionary wise it was a struggle, but it still was a fun time. Overall for the whole year though was a great success for all of the mission. This is what Hermana Clegg said about our success this last year: "Happy New Year to everyone! Here in the Spain Malaga Mission we are so excited to share our goal busting total of 325 baptisms this year. This is the 4th largest ever in the history of the mission and the 1st time it was done with only 100 missionaries. The other 3 years that were higher were back in the vicinity of 1989-91 and at that time they were 220 missionaries or more, so to say we are proud and pleased and blessed and honored and happy in this mission is an understatement. The best part about this is that the church is really growing here and the faith of the missionaries, put into action, works."

We did a great job this last year and the goal for this year coming up is 404! A nice rounded number. What super weird to think is that.... I won't even be here for the end of the goal! I come home this year! Yeah, sure, I would come home in November-December but still, when you put it in that perspective it is insane! I saw the pictures of the Medford youth and oh my gooooodness everyone has grown or looks way different to me. I can't believe it! Tell those West kids that we are playing Settlers that first week I get home! Actually, when I first saw the pictures I thought... oh man, who is Liz and Jon with? a cousin?? Oh my goodness that's Tyler! Shoot. Well, this past week was a bit rough since everyone was gone away for vacations. We still did our fair share of good stuff. For example, we went to Ikea a bunch of the days to treat ourselves to a cheap dinner or lunch, and some of the Americans from Dos Hermanas invited us over to eat dinner with them. To my sweet surprise, it was nothing but seafood and jamon!! I had a nice hand full of steamed clams, shrimp and pounds of cheese and ham. Then the kicker... they brought out the crab! Oh my goodness..... they had it right in front of me, and I couldn't resist. They went to weigh it and they told me I ate at least 6 pounds of crab legs! The hosts actually had to stop me and told me to stop, they wouldn't allow me to eat anymore because they were afraid I was going to get sick haha. It was a great night. Then, we drove back home and at midnight we ran into the streets and ate twelve uvas to the sound of the twelve cracks of the bell to start 2012. What a great start to the year. Now we are with our friends, the other missionaries, here in Alcalá and what a better way to start the new year than to go and play American bowling?!! Let's go see if I still have the touch...

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