Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, March 19, 2012

More Haste, Less Speed

When we go too fast we tend to do it longer than if we did it slowly the first time. Sometimes we need to have more haste, but less speed.

These past two weeks have been a blur. I will try and explain since I didn't write last week. Elder Marchello was leaving on Wednesday of two weeks ago so the branch president invited us over on Tuesday night to have his famous pizza. He always makes pizza for the elders before they leave and it was amazing!! Then I received my new companion, Elder Fagersten. He is quite the talented musician let me just say that first. The first thing he did, after our long long trip back to Huércal-Overa, was gift me a copy of his musical CD. He is a professional piano player!! I don't think he has put the CD on the "market" but it is super good. It is a bunch of hymns that he arranged on the piano. The CD is called What Songs of the Heart. I made him autograph it. 
Well, we recently have been teaching these two British people named Peter and Diana. Peter is an atheist and Diana is a Christian but doesn't really do anything. Yet, we have gotten Diana to really start paying attention to her prayers and we also got Peter to start reading the Book of Mormon which he actually has. I was surprised to come by yesterday and he told me he has not only read the assigned verses but the whole chapter. We will see how it continues with them. Peter is a retired salesman. He made a fortune selling things in England and now he is retired in England. He gave us advice on how to approach a door since that is how he started. The trick? Use the most powerful phrase there is, "Can you help me?" You somehow work that phrase into it and they just cannot say no.

A lot of stuff has changed though in Huércal-Overa since Elder Fagersten arrived. I have no been running early in the morning which never happens. We also have started playing soccer every Saturday morning with a bunch of kids from the city. This last Saturday it came down to penalty kicks and it came down to me. If I miss we continue to do another set of PKs, but if I make it, we win. Slow motion.... top right corner, GOL!!!!!!! That was a cool experience haha. I also then, got bit by a dog later that day in my kicking leg lol. Luckily, it was only a small dog and it didn't break the skin, but it just pounced on me from out of nowhere. To show our appreciation for all of the ward we decided on Saturday night to make brownies! For the first time, a lot of the ward members ate real American brownies. 

Anyways... I am just getting burned out with the writing. I am so tired. I have been working way hard. I just want to go to the apartment and sleep so I will try and write a better email next week. I am sorry! Thanks so much though!!

Elder CArd

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