Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, February 27, 2012


Well, I wish that I could say that this last week was a bit more exciting, but it was more of the same old finding people in the streets. To be honest, I loved every second though. People think that we, as missionaries, are strange and almost like a different breed. But as you know, we are normal people, with families, and everything. So when they actually stop and get to know us, they too start to open up and you get to meet some very interesting people. The people that I have met in the past two weeks have been amazing. People all over the world... well, at least here in Huércal-Overa, have such interesting lives. Every single one has a different story, with different dreams and different challenges. Each person is like a movie. It's so itneresting to get to know them and learn about their life.
For example, this past week we were walking down the street when a man out of the local butcher shop yelled out his window, and told us to stop. We stopped, and then we realized... "Wait... he told us to stop in English..." He came out and spoke to us in a perfect Australian English. We were confused. We asked where was he from and he said he was a Spaniard, but he lived in Australia for 27 years. Since he learned English from scratch over there he has an authentic, perfect Australian accent. If he never told me he was a Spaniard, I totally would have thought he was an Aussie. Well, he ran away when he was 16 and somehow (Haven't asked him yet how) got to Australia, and learned English on the streets. Well, throughout his life in Australia he met some missionaries when he was older, and every Wednesday he would play a game of chess with them, and over time he learned to recognize and spot out missionaries. So when he saw us in the middle of nowhere Spain, he got excited, and so now we have a friend at the local butcher shop. I mean, how cool is that? If we were anyone else, he wouldn't have said anything. Just the people you meet is so cool....
Then, we were knocking doors when we came up to a man who was sitting on his patio, and we approached him in Spanish, but he responded in broken Spanish that he doesn't speak the language very well, which, was quite apparent from how he spoke. We resaid what we had said in English and he was shocked that we too also knew English haha. He invited us in since he was from Birmingham, England and had since retired in the middle of nowhere Spain to get away from it all. He told us that he absolutely did not believe in God and he was going to prove to us why using the philosophies of men. We had a nice long conversation. We were there for about an hour and a bit, and we got to learn a lot about him. We also taught him the plan of salvation since he had a lot of questions about what happens to us after we die. Needless to say, we will be returning again to see what happens. I'm excited.
Wow, two English experiences in a week. What are the chances of that? Well, other than that nothing too exciting happened. Well, I mean besides meeting all of those new people. This week tends to look a bit more interesting. I have to do a couple interviews this week for people getting baptized, and afterwards I am going off to do splits in a pueblo called Lorca. Well, we'll see how it goes....
Oh... yeah.... the announcement!!!!! Well, will not probably be all that exciting to you but.... we just received news of our new mission president!! President Clegg sadly goes home in June, so as of July 1, 2012 our new misison president will be Monti and Bobbi Deere of Alpine, Utah. He is an attorney and has two kids that he will bring along with him. He served his mission in Guatemala. Well, to me it is super intense. I don't know how to take it haha. It's weird. But we shall move on. Anyways, I gotta go, but thanks for all!!
Elder Steven Card

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