Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Okay, okay, I have no excuse for not writing. I have just been a bit on the lazy side but now I am back! Not only that but we had a great past couple weeks!!! I was really stressing out for awhile because we had a baptism scheduled for two Saturdays ago and we couldn't get in contact with him (Mauricio is his name) until Wednesday and that was pretty nerve wracking. Well, we finally did get in touch and all went well. He entered into the waters of baptism and is a happy man. I sent a picture of that as well of us missionaries in front of a fountain in Elche after the baptism to celebrate.

What else is new?? Well a few days after having that success we met with another one of our investigators and he surprised us by setting his own baptismal fecha!! He will get baptized in two Saturdays and he is pumped, and so are we. We also have been working with this other family and the two daughters are getting baptized this Saturday. As you can see we have been really busy and so I have been trying to do other things. Don't worry though it is still all written in the journal event hough it isn't very well recorded here on email. We are all really excited and so is the mission. This ward hasn't had a baptism in over a year, and now within three weeks we are having four. It really is a testament to hard work and that God does work miracles. 

We also met our new mission president, President Deere. He is a super cool guy and we all are really excited for him to be here. He brought two of his children with him as well. So the mission house is a young hip place lol. We are all pumped for this new mission president. Soon I will get a picture for ya. Anyways, I am really sorry that my emails have been kind of failing over time, but I will try and do better and not be as lazy. Until next week!!! Thanks for all!

Elder Card

PS: Oh yes, we got transfer calls. I am staying but my comp is leaving which means after only one transfer together he is leaving. My new comp is Elder Jordan. I am excited to have him come over. He meets me on Wednesday! Wish us luck together!

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