Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Week

I wish I could say that the past week was really exciting. But it was just a normal work of week in Spain!!! Everyday we walk up and down huge hills in order to bring the Gospel to those who need it. We finally broke through with some people and they just got baptized yesterday!!! How exciting to see people finally make that decision. I was surprised that even though I barely knew them, I had so much joy and happiness for them because I know of the happines that the Gospel brings. It is kind of hard to show people how this is the true church when you are only in a branch and there are not many members. But luckily for us, stake conference was yesterday and it was a great chance to show investigators that the church is not just a small room in a building but the true church!!

The entire conference was in Spanish so it was hard to stay caught up with, BUT luckily for me the final speaker spoke in English and had a translator for everyone else. The final speaker was Elder Claussé (I think that is how you spell it) of the Seventy. I am so grateful that he spoke in English because it was such a great message. Yesterday, he shared a quick story of this movie he saw. It started out with this 40 year old woman who just had her birthday. She then started receiving letters from an 8 year old girl every week or so. In these letters were the dreams and aspirations of this little girl. After investigating she realizes that the 8 year old girl is actually herself from 32 years ago. She wrote herself the letters and gave them to a friend to send to her when she turned 40. She then realized that her life as a businesswoman was not the dream she wanted at all. She wantd to be filled with service and charity, so she totally changed her life.

The story has a parellel with all of our lives. We have written, our friends have written, and our Heavenly Father has written letters to us when we were all living with Him before we were born. We now have these letters, the Bible and the Book of Mormon. With these letters we can change our lives if we let it. And with these letters we can answer the question of Who we are and what our purpose is. I really wish that he could just share the message with all of you because it ws just an awesome message.

Anyways, today for PDay I went shopping at the Dia market, and then went to Gibraltar. It was was cool and fun. It was only about a 40 minute bus ride away, and it was cool and interesting to have to brng my passport to get in. It is basically a mini England and it totally felt like it too. We then climbed the rock of Gibraltar and played with all of the monkeys along the way! It was really funny. We carried pasta with us, becase the monkeys go crazy for pasta and the monkeys would climb over our heads and backs and everything. It was a unique and crazy experience. I live in Spain, got to visit an English territory and even look into Africa. What a unique and crazy day. I am absolutely exhausted though, but it is time to start the real work again. Maybe something eventful will happen this week!! Until next time!! Stay in touch!!


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