Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Free Week

Well, the time for me to leave the Spain MTC is near. I leave on Friday morning at 0530 by bullet train to the beautiful city of Málaga Spain, and then another hour or so by another train to get to Fuengirola, where the mission home is at. These past few days have been awesome. The Saturday after I arrived we traveled to this park in Madrid by metro. The metro was crazy, but really fun to ride. We contacted a few people on our short ride. Then we got to the park and just spent hours there contacting and tracting. We placed a lot of Book of Mormons and even got a few referrals to give to the Madrid Spain missionaries. Sundays here were pretty awesome as well. We got really cool speakers for our firesides and sacrament. On Monday we watched a devotional from Jeffrey R Holland which was awesome. After the devotional we went into class and were told that we can do pretty much do anything we wanted until we left on Friday. So since the Spain Temple is about 20 feet away I have gone already three times this past week. Another one of the days I went to the park again to contact. Tomorrow (Thursday) we are going to downtown Madrid to sightsee and shop and then we leave Friday morning. These past few days have been quite an experience and quite a humbling one as well. Four of us came in here together, we were all the visa waiters, and some of the missionaries who have spent their whole time here learning Spanish are already more fluent than us. That goes to show you 4 weeks in the country vs. 12 weeks in the classroom don't even compare. I really wish that I could've been here for my whole 9 weeks, so it is a little frustrating to see everyone else be so much better. But then again I have to remember to not compare or what not, but it is pretty hard. I am really looking forward to finally getting to Málaga though by the end ofthis week! Look for me on the mission president's blog!!

Thanks again for all the support, I will talk to you all again soon!!!

Elder Steven Card

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