Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, March 21, 2011

Not the Most Interesting Week


This past week was once again just normal missionary work. The week did go by really fast though and I am trying my hardest to understand all of the Spanish around me. Funny enough, the majority of our current investigators are Bolivians and other South Americans. They are usually a bit more open so we can teach them better. Currently, we are teaching this guy from Bolivia, Jimmy and he is way awesome. His house just got hit by that flood, so he is moving and his wife is a member but he isn't. We thought he wasnt really progressing but he finally came to church yesterday so that was way awesome. We are also teaching this other Spaniard whose name is Juan. At first we were kind of freaked out by him because he didnt seem the most open and made some funny - but inappropriate - comments about whatever we were teaching. He is a young guy so you would htink he would be way open, but he is different. He doesn'twatch TV cuz he thinks it brainwahes people and that is his fear for reading the Bible.He is afraid it is going to brainwash him. BUT we finally broke through to him and when we taught him a few nights ago he agreed to try to pray, and he even gave the closing prayer. It was awesome, it was just a little thing, but thats how it starts. I am way excited to teach him again.

Other than that, I am trying to just get adjusted to Spanish life, especially here in Algeciras. We walk everywhere, and the entire city seems to be on a hill like San Francisco where it can just get way steep. The buses dont have the best routes in the city so we just walk the entire time. I remember the first week or so I was dying, but now I am doing a lot better. We get €140 a month and so I am trying to budget my money good enough so I can always eat. I am just always hungry, always. Not even because the food is bad, but just because I am always hungry haha. We go to this supermarket called Dia and its small, but its big enough. I found that a staple is a lot of pasta and a lot of cereal haha. Also, I have just got addicted to Nutella. I'm already on my second jar this past week. I just love that stuff. Spread it on bread, and it is just amazing. Surprisingly I havent lost or gained any weight since leaving Alabama. I would think thatI would lose some since of all the walking, or even gain some cuz of all theNutella but I havent moved at all. Usually on P Days we will hav something fun planned but today we are just going to sleep all day, and I am way pumped for that. On Saturdays we try to play futbol with the locals and members of the branch. I knew I was bad at soccer but when I play againt Spaniards I see how bad I really am. It's still way fun though!! Well.... hopefully something really excitin happens this week so I will have more to write about. But until next week then!!!

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