Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, April 18, 2011

Semana Santa

Well it is officially the start of Semana Santa in Spain. It is pretty hardcore, and even more so in the south I am told. I totally forgot it was the start of Semana Santa, until I came out of the church and saw all of the outfits everyone was wearing throughout the streets. For a lack of a better explantion, they look like the KKK outfits. Various colors, but they all have the sheets with the tall pointed top. I wish I could've snappated a picture, but I didnt have my camera on me. But since it is going on all week I will make sure to get you all a picture. The past week has been a lot of work. We have tried to contact all of the futures that we found the week before. There were some crazy stories. There was this one lazy who after talking to the missionaries gave them this little tiny tiny tiny book filled with Miracles of Jesus. She said, that we needed to bring it back next week, to prove that we were trustworthy. Another lady, had tears in her eyes after she opened the door because she had been waiting for missionaries to knock on her door for a long time. There were countless other stories as well. This made us pretty excited to contact all of these investigators.
Sadly, they weren't all golden like we though, but we do have a bunch of new people we are now teaching. One is this 11 year old kid named Diego. He came to church with one of his friends, and after Primary, he loved it so much he said he wanted to get baptized, so now we are teaching him and his mom. Hopefully, his mom will lighten up a bit, because she seemed a bit stand offish at first. The one I wanted to meet the most was the lady who had tears in her eyes, but all week we couldn't get ahold of her. Maybe this week she will be there, because I really want to know her story. Puertollano is just awesome. It is a small city, with a small branch but with so much heart. The members here, even though there are few, are very strong and loyal. They just love the Church. Days can be long here though. An entire day of street contacting is tiring. That is why we rejoice when we receive a reference from a member! So people back home make sure to give the missionaries references! They love them. I know that we see a lot more success from the references.
The food here is just amazing. I feel like I am gaining so much weight. The members here feed us almost every meal. And every meal has multiple courses. It always starts our with bread and cheese on the table (which I go nuts for) followed by a type of soup, and then the main meal. At the end you don't even want to get out of your seat because it hurts. The food is just amazing. I haven't had anything too strange yet. The strangest thing so far was probably just that pig leg that you all saw, and wow, that was so so so amazing. I wish that they had that in the US. Fast food is pretty much non existant here. There is really only BK and McDonalds, and they are way overpriced. If you go out to eat there, it is pretty much going to a restaurant. We went to BK earlier, and not only are the portions way way smaller, the price for it is absurd!! I miss cheap large portioned American fast food. It's amazing how such a small thing like that you miss so much. I got my BK "grande sized" and I feel like you get more in the American kids meal! But, nevertheless, the food is till pretty good. But just because of that we don't eat out too much. The supermarket is pretty cool though. If you use your money right you can get truck loads worth of food for cheap. One thing I noticed here is that the price changes based on the "type" of food. For example, if you want chocolate ice cream, that will cost more than just plain vanilla, but strawberry costs more than chocolate. It's weird. Is that how it works in the US? I always remembered it being like if they were all from the same company they all cost the same. Like, orange soda costs more than coca'cola even if it is in the same amount.

Meh, well it's now time to go... but I hope that you all have a great week!! Thanks for all the love and support!!
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