Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, April 4, 2011

Transfers Are In!

My first transfer will be over this week in Spain, and I am already on the move! That's right!! I am already getting transferred from the paradise that is Algeciras. I don't know if that is usually too common, to move after your first area after just one transfer, but it is time for me to go! I will be going to a small pueblo named Puertollano! It is called the city of two lies because the city neither has a port (puerto) nor is it flat (llano). Anyways, it only has about 50,000 people and so it will be not too much different since I am in a small branch here in Algeciras already. To be honest, I am actually pretty sad about leaving. Even though I was only here for 5 weeks I got pretty attached to the people and to the other missionaries here in the piso. My new companion is from the south of France and he isn't that much older than my (mission wise). He apparently speaks really good English and Spanish, so we will see how easy it is to communicate with him.
Anyways, so I leave this week. I am still not sure how I will get there. I am thinking that there is a train straight there so I might be lucky. This past week though was pretty fun. While knocking doors we met these Muslims from Pakistan that were actually way open to learning more. They lived on the fifth floor, and we started on the eleventh floor and went down. They were the first ones to actually be interested, so after six floors it was encouraging to get in a door. There were three of them, Ali Shah and Sayid from Pakistan and Mohammad from Morocco. They talked a lot about Jesus Christ and how he was just a prophet and not the Son of God. It was really interesting to hear a different point of view other than just Catholicism. Anyways, he talked for a long bit, and we left him with a Book of Mormon and said we would come back. Now I am curious how things will turn out since I will be leaving I won't know how things end up with all of Elder Ward and I's investigators.
General Conference was way different in Spanish. It's not like we get BYU TV here so we had to stream it over the Internet and huddle around a laptop but it was still cool. Because of the time difference we only got to watch two sessions. Both morning sessions, and we watched them at 6PM here. So it was a weird feeling, since we had already worked a full day and then watched it instead of starting our day with it. I don't know the next time I will be able to watch the rest, so maybe I will just have to read the talks next month.
Anyways, the weather here is pretty much perfect. It's been around 22 degrees Celsius the whole week. Apparently, wikipedia is a liar, and the missionaries all here testify that it gets up to 45 in some areas in the Summer. I am so not looking forward to that, but I will enjoy the nice weather as it lasts. It's always fun in the piso at night though. Just a few weeks ago we bought this pig leg that has been cured for a long time. They seriously, just cut off the pig at the thigh then hang it up. So we bought it and bought a rack for it and placed it in our kitchen. Then whenever we are hungry we just get a knife and slice a bit off the pig. It sounds and looks disgusting, but it seriously is some of the best best best meat ever. We just finished it this morning, so I will send some of the before and after pictures. It is intense. What a find! Well, I need to get packing now..... I hate packing I feel like I never can get settled, but hopefully when I unpack later this week I can stay unpacked for awhile.
Until next week!! Thanks for everything!!

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