Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Week

Easter Week!!! Semana Santa!!! This week has been extremely frustrating. Everyone is in their house and has the week off, but no one wants to talk. There were multiple occasions where we knocked a house and the person was like, "Oh, sorry. I am with my family right now, can't talk." Seriously??? That is who our message is for. So frustrating. 

We are working hard on the investigators we have. There is this lady named Vanessa who is married to a less active. She has been wanting to get baptized but can't yet, because they aren't married. They are from Ecuador, and while they are waiting for the papers to come over to get married we have been visiting them. The frustrating thing is that they don't come to church. We weren't really sure why, but last night we had a good talk with them, and hopefully they will come to church this week. If they don't I don't know what I will do.... 

Another investigator we have is Diego who is an 11 year old boy who came to primary once with his friend and loved it and said he wants to get baptized. We then talked to his mom, and she isnt the most open to it, but we started talking to her a bit and she is opening up. Hopefully, they both will get baptized. 

Yesterday was our District Conference in Ciudad Read. It was probably the longest thing I have ever been to. It was 4 hours long. But to be fair, it was really good. I even spoke at it during Priesthood. It was really good, and the mission president came and it was just a good time. In fact, before the Conference we met the mission president in his hotel to help hm and Sis Clegg with some stuff. I don't know if they have these in the US, but we rode a car elevator! The hotel had a parking garage underneath it, but to get to it you didn't drive down to it, you drove into a car elevator that just took you down. It was way weird. I thought at first it was just a normal elevator, but then I realized, wow.... this elevator could fit like 35 people. 

The one cool thing about Spain too is that we get to take trains everywhere, super high-speed trains. We get around pretty quickly. We get to Ciudad Real in 10 minutes where it take 3 or 4 times that by car. Also, another thing I noticed is that juice here is so cheap. For example, you can get 4 liters of juice for only like €2. But if you want to buy soda, it's way expensive. Just something else I have noticed haha.

Well, hopefully this week will be a bit more exciting and productive. Thanks for all the support!! Until next week!

Elder Steven Card

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