Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Friday, July 29, 2011

July 25th - Um, Excuse me Mr. President!

Well what a week full of new experiences!!! It has been an amazing week. Right now I am in Ciudad Real and the whole district is together. We are doing our Internet right now and afterwards we are going to go play basketball. I am way excited, I haven't played basketball in months!!! It should be fun.
Well, if you saw the pictures, you know that I made some lasagna this past week. It was amazing!! We are extremely blessed to have Hermana Clegg in our area. She is an amazing person, but on top of it all she is an amazing pianist. We set up a thing where she comes to Puertollano every Wednesday and gives some of our members piano classes and then the Cleggs follow us around and be our members for us in lessons for a few hours. Well, this last Sunday we decided to bring over this man named León. His entire family got baptized about two years ago and he never joined them. Well after last Wednesday, almost out of nowhere, he opened up to all of us and we decided to try and set him up a fecha. His mother died four years ago on his birthday, and so the next day, Thursday we gave him a lesson about the Plan of Salvation and where his mother was and a nice happy birthday party. Then we told him of the amazing ordinances he can do for his mother in the temple and we set him up to get baptized.... this SATURDAY!!! The 30th!!! So we are all way excited about that. He has had some doubts.... well, a lot of doubts, but he is doing great. We fully think he will make that date.
The branch president, President Montes, has found a job finally. The crisis here is Spain is a lot worse than America. Almost NO ONE has a job. It was a great blessing and miracle that he got a job. The catch?? He works insane hours, sometimes including the midnight shift, and sometimes including Sunday mornings. Yesterday was one of those days. He wasn't able to attend and there are no counselors, technically the missionaries are, and so guess who presided and directed the meeting, yesterday?? That's right, me! It was an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun actually leading the meeting. I even had to give a talk, so I was up on the stand most of the time. It was really fun though. Thanking everyone for coming, announcements, announcing the hymns and order of the speakers, watching over the sacrament. I actually really enjoyed the experience. Then, Elder Hatch gave the Sunday School lesson, and he did an amazing job. Pretty much, everything is going amazingly well right now. Transfers are coming up in about two weeks, and I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE at allllll! A lot of people think I am leaving soon since I have been in this area for a long time, but to be honest, I wouldn't mind staying here in Puertollano, with Elder Hatch, and in the district of La Mancha for another 5 months! I would love it. But, things have to change, sometime....
Well, I wish I could share more. Usually, I bring a long list of things to talk about, but I forgot to bring that list with me, so my mind is slipping. Maybe next week I will share a lot more. But that is all for this week!! Thanks everyone for the support!! Adios!!
Elder Steven Card

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