Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Elder Hatch

This past week had a lot of interesting events. Elder Hatch and I are just rollin through Puertollano like champs. We are getting along great and having a great time.
Well, last P-Day I found a cookie recipe on the Internet, so I wanted to try it out. One problem: We have no measuring cups. Have you ever tried to eye out the recipe in the metric system?? Not that easy.... not that easy..... Well, long story short...... the kitchen somehow afterwards smelled like popcorn, and I apparently can't measure out 3 grams of baking soda or power or something correctly because they didn't rise at all, and yeah..... Worst tasting cookies ever. That was just a test run though, I will try and buy measuring cups today.
Afterward Elder Hatch and I went on a hike on the tallest point in Puertollano. Elder Hatch really loves nature and stuff like that so he really wanted to do it. I was hesitant but I agreed to go since I could tell he really wanted to. The hike was a bit brutal. There was no real path, and the weeds were very high and itchy to walk through haha. My legs got pretty cut up but once we got to the top wow! What a view!!! It was amazing, and we stayed up top for awhile.
I then showered off, and we went to work. We stopped by this old lady's house and she was cleaning her windows outside. Well, she was just cleaning and she saw us and was like Hola!!! Then out of nowhere a burst of wind and the door closed on her. In Spain, the doors lock automatically so she was locked out. She said, no problem, she will just jump the wall. We are looking at this lady who is like 60 something and we are just like umm..... yeah, I think we can do that for you. Elder Hatch gave me a boost and I jumped on the roof. Well, then I realized it was a straight drop down, with no stairs or ladder or anything. She wanted me to drop down a story and a half to a concrete patio below.... I tried hugging the wall, but yeah.... you could see where this is going. Scrapes and soreness after the drop. It was all good though. Nothing broken. She was, we can say, extremely thankful. She went from wanting nothing to do with us, to now having an appointment to come back and teach her on Wednesday. She just loves us now. In fact we saw her yesterday and she was still saying thank you for jumping the wall, she was almost in tears.
We then did an intercambio with the elders from Valdepeñas and that was a good time. I have learned a lot from Elder Bradley who is from Provo Utah. He is awesome. Well, we then all regrouped in Ciudad Real to switch back to our comps, and then Hatch and I were going to take the train to Puertollano. Well, the guy selling the tickets could not run Hatch's card correctly. I got my ticket and was waiting for ten minutes, while he tried to pay. Well, they closed the security gate and we missed the train. We ended up waiting in the station for an hour and a half chit chattin away. It was fun though.
Then that night we  were walking the streets and we were about to go into the piso when we heard English, but an American accent!! We turned around and chased down the two men. It turns out they were working in Spain in a solar power plant for the next few days. We got talking to them a little bit. That was my first non-member American accent I have heard in over half a year. They were from Boston, and they were extremely nice. Father and son. We talked for about 20 minutes and went our separate ways. Now maybe if they see Elder Ellis they won't be afraid to talk to Mormons now.
Then, I did something completely stupid on Saturday. Without thinking I locked ourselves out. I left the keys in the piso and it was a stupid slip up. The slip up cost us €50 though. An expensive one. The locksmith was a funny guy though. He made us go down the stairs because we couldn't see what he was doing. Then less than 15 seconds later. BAM He gets in the door. 15 seconds.... 50 euros.... What a job. Well, afterwards, Presidente Montes and his wife, Alicia, was with us. They then went inside our piso and just chatted. Somehow it got brought up that I can't sew. Well, to be fair, I knew and I learned in middle school, but I lost the skill. She re taught me how to sew, and that night I just loved it. I thought it was fun and I sewed all of my pants, socks, shirts and backpack. A lot of things had holes in them so I just extended the life of all of my stuff. I even offered to sew Elder Hatch's things, I think it is fun haha.
Well, that is really all. Today is 4th of July and no one says anything about it here, not that they would. Nothing is going on. We might BBQ some hamburgers or hot dogs or something. Anyways, thanks for all the love and support. I cherish every email and letter!! Keep em coming!!!
Elder Steven Card

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