Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giant Pink Cupcakes and... Ants

What a week. I'll tell you what. There have been fewer weeks harder than the one that just passed. We just have zero investigators right now so we have been in the street contacting like crazy. It has been a long past couple of days. Funny enough, the best day that we had this past week was my birthday, the 15th! We did nothing crazy for my birthday. We actually had a completely normal day, which is how I would have preferred it. Looking back it's crazy, because at the time we thought it was just a normal day, but now looking back with 20/20 vision, I see that it was actually the best day this week. That was the day that we were actually let into houses and received references and found new investigators. It was a good birthday present from the Lord.

Like I said, most of the days have been in and out of the street so I don't have too many exciting stories this week. We did travel to Murcia on Tuesday for our zone conference and it was great. We all learned a lot and it is always fun to spend some time with the other missionaries. Like always, all the missionaries with birthdays that were close to the date of the conference went up and so I got sung happy birthday to and got my gift of candy haha. Later in the week we experienced Carnaval! it is basically Halloween, with the whole city dressing up. People get way more into it here than people in the United States get into Halloween. I'm saying EVERYONE dresses up. There are parades in the street. In fact, the parade was right outside of our house.... and it lasted til 5am.... it was a long night that night haha. Well, on the way back to our house an overweight Spaniard, dressed up as a giant pink cupcake (He was drunk) ran up to us, and extended his hand, so Elder Marchello shook it, and the Spaniard would not let go, and was calling for all of his other friends to come and look at our great costumes haha. A short while later, a giant group of ants were walking in the street and they saw us, and they either thought our "costumes" were awesome, or they just didn't like Mormom missionaries because they all swarmed us. The leader, which I guess we can appropriately call the Queen Ant, pointed at us, yelled something at Spanish, and charged. We were swarmed and everyone surrounded us and asked to shake our hands. Probably one of the funniest nights ever.

As if it couldn't get better, we discovered a giant group of LARPers. LARPing is that thing where people dress up as knights and swordsmen and attack each other with swords made of duct tape. Yeah, that thing. We found a giant group of them playing their.... battle game, on a giant lawn while we were in Murcia. Just when I thought the week couldn't get any more strange, we ran into them and their giant (There were seriously at least 100 people) battle on the grassy knoll. Other than that, missionary work wise there are no amazing stories to tell this week. We are just going to continue to work hard but that's about it! Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes. Til next week!!

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