Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

August 13, 2012

(Letter to Jonathan after hearing from his companion's mom that he'd hurt his head the week before)
Jonathan Jared Hokanson,
(you can just imagine the tone of my voice! :))  You got hurt and didn't tell us!  Because we didn't know, We couldn't pray specifically for that!  We've been praying for you to learn the language.  Now McKay is praying that your head injury will heal.  Yes, I was very worried when I heard from your companion's mom (she knew before me!), but have to trust that Heavenly Father is aware and all our trials can work for our good.
So, I've gathered up everything but your weights.  I still need to look for them.  I am also sending some tylenol, 8 hour and a Nikken necklace.  WEAR it under your shirt.  I emailed your Presidente and requested that you get into a chiropractor asap.  And probably for several visits, just because of the extent of the trauma.  The closest one is in Curitiba.  Jory is checking on him to make sure he is good. His name is Dr. Jason Gilbert, he's from Austrailia.  There is over 500 dollars in your account.  Let me know how much the chiropractor visits cost.  Jory said it should be cheaper there.  I am sure you have had a blessing, but you can also have another if needed.  Janae and Joseph will drop them off in Wilsonville on Friday.  Do you home care daily!!! It makes a huge difference.  Just start with 5 minutes twice a day the first day and gradually work up.  Since it's been a while.  
I love you!  I am so sorry for your pain.  Now that I know, send ME the details.  
Love you to the ends of the earth,
Jonathan Hokanson
Aug 13
to me
Sorry Mom,

I was planning on telling you this week. I didn´t you all to worry
about me. I´m being watched over and protected here as a missionary
and your prayers have been super helpful as I´m understanding the
majority of what others are saying and I can express my feelings more
fully. My head and neck injury have improved dramatically since last
Tuesday. Thanks for the prayers. Love you and sorry I didn´t tell you

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