Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

First P-Day


First off, let me just say that these past few days have been absolutely INSANE!!! I have already learned so much, and have felt the Spirit like I have never felt before. Thank you to everyone who has sent me the DearElders in the past few days. Even if they are just short two paragraph letters they mean so much and uplift my spirits and day. The MTC has been an amazing experience already.

The first day was filled with a lot of orientation and speakers. I met my companion, Elder Travis Lignell from Salt Lake City, and he seems pretty cool so far. We heard form the MTC presidency and I don't think I have ever felt more inspired to work my hardest and serve the people in Spain. The food was better than expected. It really reminds me of college food. Breakfasts have just been decent. They were hashbrowns, bacon and eggs. For lunch we had hamburgers, but then for dinner we had s omany different choices.The first night they fed us roast beef and potatoes. It was so good. we also met our teachers and zone and district leaders. Brother Martinez and Brother Whitehead are our instructors and they have been already super awesome. I had a slight hope that Trevor would be my zone leaders, but nope. But as much as I was disappointed, I still love our current zone leaders. Elder Farkle and Elder Stufflebeam. They are really cool and helpful but they are leaving for Argentina on Monday so our new leaders are Elder T (Short for a long Tongan name) and Elder Lane (The shortest guy in our district, so it's a hilarious combo) but they are really funny.

Classes have just taken up the ENTIRE day. All they expect you to do is eat, study, and then maybe study more. Two days ago we also got to meet with the Branch Presidency and he interviewed us. We all had to share our baptism, and why we wanted to go on a mission stories. I found out I am the only one from my district that is a convert so it's kind of intimidating. It's kind of scary to know that I probably know the least out of everyone in my class, but I am trying hard. After he interviewed us, he all gave us assignments. I am the senior companion in my companionship. Our district leader is Elder Parker from England, and he has an awesome accent. All the Hermanas absolutely love it.

Sadly, I kind of forgot a lot of stuff. I just wish I would've brought more general use items, like common sense. Liek hygiene items and FOOD. That is one thing I wish I had more. After dinner they give us no time for more food, so I usually am starving. And no, I did not find any food or goodies hidden in the secret compartments in my room, but I did find the secret compartments!!!

Anyways, just let Second Ward know that my P Days are on Friday, not Saturday like I told some of you in my other letters. But just know that I miss everyone so much, and I think of you all daily. I sit at my desk every night, and study, write in my journal, and look up to see the awesome pictures of everyone. I love you all and I thank you all for the support. I don't think I could be here without you guys. I am trying to make you all proud. So please stay in touch, because even just a simple Hello and we miss you letter, is such a boost to a long long day. Elders here make a big deal of mail, so when you get a DearElder people go nuts. We all know how important it is to get mail, so please feel free to email or write!!

Elder Steven Card

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