Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Week 3

The time flies so much. It feels like just yesterday that it was Sunday. The days really do feel like weeks, and last forever, but in the long run, looking back it has gone fast.

This past week, hasn't been too different. To be honest, it is quite like groundhog's day. It feels the same everyday. On Tuesday for Devotional we heard from Paul B. Peiper from the Seventy and he had an awesome message about Agency. It was funny, because afterwards we all discuss the talk with our district and a member of the branch presidency, and since my farewell talk was about Agency I had plenty of things to say. The rest of the week afterwards was just same ole, same ole. One of my teachers was making a joke how every Mormon is connected by just one other Mormon. i was like, meh, this doesn't apply for me since I'm a convert and yeah.... But then a guest teacher walks in, his name was Brother Maxwell. He said he just recently got off his mission, and so I obviously asked, where did you serve? He served in the Jacksonville Florida mission, and I was like hmmm, doubt it but I'll ask, "Do you know a Sister Pedersen?"... "OH, you mean Chanelle Pedersen? Yeah, I know who that is!" I guess my teacher was right.... everyone is conencted by one other Mormon haha.

Today we went to the temple like we do every Friday, and it was a great trip. I was wearing my old suit coat, and I was feeling around my inside pockets and was like hmmmm, what are these pieces of paper? It was temple names... my family temple names.... who have already been baptized and confirmed. So it was last minute, but I ran over to the Initiatories and me, my companion, district leader and a few others all day my family names for initiatories!! What a blessing, next temple trip, we'll all take those names and go do endowments. I am really excited already for it!!
Until yesterday, I hadn't met a single person going to my mission but my companion, then randomly four elders came into our room and asked if we were going to Spain and if we had our visas. They haven't got theirs either and so I'm gettin the feeling that I will be here for quite awhile, so it's kind of weird, cuz I have zero idea when I am leaving. But there is nothing I can do about it so I am just letting it go, and not worrying about it. I hope that everyone back in Medford is doing well, and will have a happy holidays. Just fyi, if anyone wants to send me any gifts for Christmass it has to be here before the 22nd or else I won't get it til afterwards. *wink wink*

Thanks everyone for the love and prayers and support! I love you all so much, and I hope you all write! Thanks again,

Elder Card

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