Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010


How's it going?!?!?! I wish I had a lot of news to report. Sadly, each day is more and more the same. It is INSNAE though to think I've been here 24 days. The days are long and similar, but overall.... it has gone by FAST. If I was an English speaking mission I would be gone already. Also, if I had my visa I would be in the Madrid MTC yesterday. I have been talking to a few Elders here and there that are also going to Spain, and everyone is having the same problem. So, it looks like I will probably be here the 9 weeks. Then, I heard they keep you here for an extra two weeks if they think your visa is on the way, and you just help out doing teaching situations and what not with the newer Elders. Otherwise, if they don't think it will be here, you will get reassigned until the visa comes. I honestly, could care less. I know either way I go, it is what I was supposed to do. It has been a blessing though to have stayed here a bit longer. If I would've left earlier I would've never gotten to know the rest of my district and zone. Each one of them are so often, and each have a unique and interesting story.

So a new group of Elders came in this past Wednesday and funny enough one of them went to BYU Hawaii. I asked if he knew anyone from Oregon, and he said just one but he doubted that I knew her. I said, give me your best shot, and it was Shelby Leal!! What a coincidence and small world. Everyone is connected by at least one other Elder or Member here it feels like.

To the ward and everyone back home: Thank you so much for all of the gifts and letters you have sent me this past month. I have enjoyed reading each and every single letter. As for the Christmas gifts, I have resisted the temptation and haven't opened them yet! A lot of our zone opened theirs up today because we, "Dont have enough time tomorrow." but we have zero class tomorrow and I think we will have time. I am looking forward to waking up and opening the gifts so thank you!!

Let's see.... what else? Some other random stuff... I have to get a haircut already on Monday. I hate how my hair grows so fast. Plus, the line is so long. I had to wake up at 6AM just to get in line in time to sign up. Also, the weather here has been abnormally warm. My companion who is from Salt Lake, said it is never this warm. And I think that the weather in Medford has been colder than it has been here - or so it seemed before I left. It has snowed only a few times and the temperature hasn't been that low. It's been awesome. Meal time has slowly lost its appeal. I used to cherish it and love it so much, but now the food is starting to lose its appeal. It is starting to look the same..... taste the same...... the only relief is the Pizza Fridays and Ice Cream Sundays/Wednesdays. Now that never gets old! Gym time is something that has never lost its appeal though! I look forward to it all the time. Basketball is the new game. Our new elders play so it's pretty fun. The first gym period was fun with them because we played the "old" elders vs the "new" elders. And they didn't know the talent on our team. It was me, Elder Abbot, who played some high school varsity basketball, and Elder Tarabilda who played at like San Diego State or some San Diego college. It was fun, and so dominating =) There honestly, isn't too much to talk about. We haven't had an apostle yet, which is kinda sad, but the other speakers have actually been just as amazing so it's all good. We have three devotionals/firesides over the next two days so I'm waiting to hear who we will hear from. They always keep it a secret until like 5 minutes before it starts. Tomorrow, we get a nice large Christmas breakfast, a talent show, Christmas "Dinner" at noon and then two firesides. Since no one works for dinner, we just get a sack dinner. That's about it though!! Not toooo exciting, but now you know what's going on with my life. When I get to a better computer I will try and upload some pictures so you can see what goes on here in the MTC. Until then, I will have to just describe everything the best I can!! I hope you all have an amazing holiday season!!! Stay in touch!!!


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