Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm an Hermana!!....Well kind of....

Well..... only kind of. I just celebrated my 6 month mark on the mission last week!!! That means I only have an hermana sized mission to go of 18 months. The past six months have totally flown, and this past week has flown as well. I have a few pictures, and some other of the missionaries are sending me more. I sadly cant take my own pictures because I have lost my camera and have yet to get a new charger for it, so I am relying on the generosity of everyone else.

Well, this past week was... quite memorable. First, on Tuesday we had our normal district meeting in Ciudad Real. Nothing out of the ordinary, and we were going to do splits with the Zone Leaders so we decided that we would just split up after the District meeting. Well, the thing was that.... well, Tuesday ending up being some weird holiday that none of the missionaries knew of. So some of the elders from Valdepeñas missed their bus. They got to the bus station and when they tried to buy tickets to Ciudad Real they realized that.... well... there were no buses running at all that day. So, the zone leaders had to pick them up in their car. 

However, the zone leaders got lost so we started district meeting almost 2 hours late. However, it wasn't too bad. To pass the time, the hermanas and the Cleggs and us had an impromptu choir practice. After they finally arrived we had our meeting then we split up. I would go with Elder Hamilton and the Valdepeñas elders and take them home, then start our split with Elder Hamilton, while my comp would go do splits with Elder Hamiltons comp.

Sounds like a good plan, eh? Well.... we decided to put in some gas because we were low. Did you know that the difference between diesel and unleaded gasoline in Spain is only a difference of one syllable? Well..... you can already tell where this is heading. Of course, we put it in the wrong gas. We get about 2 minutes away and we decided to turn back because our car gave us all major whiplash from all the kicking it made haha. We drove it back to the gas station and realized it was the wrong gas, so we had to go to a mechanic, right? Well, remember, it was a holiday... Well, we couldn't just leave the car in the parking lot, but we couldn't be running the gas through the engine so we pushed the car all the way to the mechanic. It was like a nice 15 minute push, with stop lights, traffic and all. You can only imagine 3 elders with white shirts and ties pushing this car through Ciudad Real. (Of course, Elder Hamilton was inside the car)

Well, that actually was the highlight of the week. The Cleggs grandchildren came to visit them this week so we got to meet them. They participated in our district meeting, and since the Cleggs visited Puertollano for church, the grandchildren (Blake and Brandon (both 16)) got to pass the sacrament, and I think they had a good experience. The reason they came, beside seeing missionary work and all, is that they are both extremely talented with the piano. So this past Saturday we had a fireside in Ciudad Real with singing and guitars, and everything. A lot of members of the district attended and participated. And Brandon played a bunch of songs on the Piano. The one that stood out in my head was All of Me by Jon Schmidt. He played it perfectly. I have it on video. So one day I will send it over. 

Oh yeah.... Elder Corradi is getting transferred!!! He is going to serve in Murcia. That means that I will get a new comp this week. His name is Elder Hatch from Utah (of course) and he is way tall. I think he is 6'7". Well, I haven't personally met him, but apparently he is was nice, and a good worker. He is about two transfers or so ahead of me. So those are the exciting things in my life...

Until next week!! I will let you know how all goes!! 
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