Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well, this past week has been a nice change. I hear that everything back home is changing as well, so I guess that change is in the air. Well, to be honest, there aren't too many amazing stories, but a lot did change. For example, the car that we had was moved to Murcia. How did it get to Murcia? Well, my companion, Elder Corradi went with it! New companion time... Well, I got my new companion on Wednesday. He is one transfer ahead of me, he is from Orange County, California, he went to BYU Provo for business, he was a swim teacher and a swimmer for his high school, and... what else? Well, I guess his name? His name is Elder Jake Hatch. He is way cool. He knows what he is doing. He can speak Spanish well. He knows a lot, and we get along great. He easily has already been my favorite companion (not that I have had that many). Well, one of my favorites. Time will tell where he ranks lol.

Well, he is such a hard worker so the past few days I have been exhausted, but in a good way. He has brought in his own style and own "inside information" that he has learned in the field. For example, we go to bars often to get free glasses of water in the hot sun haha. Sounds simple, but before this, I was dying in the hot sun parched. Now I am never parched lol. One accomplishment that I had this week: Well, I also try to help ladies with their bags. It has become like a game since the ladies will never allow you to help them out. After weeks and weeks of trying I finally got one lady to let me help her with her bags. I felt so accomplished and we got her reference and she owns like a little corner shop so we can now go in there and she will hook us up. lol

We also have gotten a lot of new investigators lately. Ana and Andres are from Romania and they are way legit. They don't smoke or drink, and he love the Book of Mormon. The only doubt he has is about Thomas S Monson and him being a prophet. I think to him, you need to show miracles to be a prophet, so we will work with him on that. We have another lady from Nicaragua named Angelica and she is awesome as well. She has totally accepted everything we have taught her, so now we are working towards baptism.

Well, I wish it could have been a bit more exciting this week. I think we are going to buy another jamon leg since the last one was just so dang good. I will send pictures. I thought that since I sent like three pictures or so, that makes up for my short post this week.

Well thanks for the support. Stay in touch!!
Elder Card

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