Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two Years

Hmmm..... what happened this week? Oh yeah. I remember. The weeks honestly just blend together. It is hard to remember what happened in just one specific week. Well, to be honest, this week was a bit rough. One of the most saddening and disappointing experiences are when these people who you are teaching and care for so much, disappoint you. Either by deciding to no longer listen to your message, or just not showing up for church. If only they knew what they were missing out on. Sitting at the front doors of the church on a Sunday waiting for them to show up is extremely disappointing when they don't actually show up, but they have their agency....

You could say that was the theme of this week. A lot of the week me and Elder Corradi were scrambling since a lot of people either didn't show up to their appointments or something like that. We still did have a lot of cool experiences though. I have been assigned as the new pianist for the church haha. The old pianist was the President's 12 year old son. He played out of the simplified hymn book, and earlier this week when a lot of people bailed on us, I spent my time waiting for them in the chapel with the piano. I started playing like I usually do. I honestly don't even think I am that good, but the President overheard me and I am the new pianist haha. I started yesterday, and lo and behold, I played perfectly. Woah. I was surprised even at myself. When they said I needed to play like Called to Serve and Loor al Profeta (Wow, so much time in Spain I forgot what it was called in English). 

What else?? Oh yeah... we teach English class!!! We have it twice a week. Wednesday for the "experienced" people who already know how to speak but just want practice. And then Saturday evening for people who want to completely start from scratch. Wow is it hard to teach them!!! I was surprised at the amount of patience I had with them but still, you can definitely scratch English teacher off my list of future jobs. Wow, just a rough one. But still, it was a cool experience. Maybe this week we will find more success. I know we will!! Well, thanks for all the love and support like always. Stay in touch!

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