Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, June 27, 2011

Still in Puertollano

Hey hey hey!!! This week hasn't been the most exciting, but we are getting a lot of work done!!! Elder Hatch and I are getting along great and are tearing it up. Shall we review the week??

Well after getting off the computer last week we went and took a zone P-Day. We met up with the Los Clegg and the other missionaries and we all went to a Spanish National Park named Tablas de Daimler. It was just a huge park and a large wetlands type area with bridges going all across it. It was really cool. Once again to gain sympathy from everyone, I will tell you that my camera still has no charger, so you will receive no pictures. Well, I guess you would say, Elder Card, why don't you go buy one?? Oh... I'm sorry, a small Spanish pueblo of less than 50,000 doesn't really have a local Kodak store. If only I had a charger for my Kodak Easyshare M550.... But anyways....

I do have some pictures that I might receive from the other missionaries, so maybe I will send you some when they come my way. This past week I also had the opportunity to read the talk called The Fourth Missionary. It was an amazing talk and it made me reflect on the type of missionary that I really want to be. Whoever is reading this that wants to go on a mission NEEDS to read that talk, and if you are reading this and your son is on a mission, SEND it to them!! It was so good, and it made such a huge impact.

Sadly, Elder Hatch hurt his leg awhile ago. He was limping on it for awhile so that mediodía   I made sure to take care of him. He layed down on the sofa and I made him lunch and everything haha. It was actually kind of fun for me to do. And I am sure he appreciated the service and downtime. His leg is perfect now though. 

A lot of the past few days has been a lot of street contacting. I finally accomplished one of my dreams; I contacted a guy from Africa. They have the coolest accents and they are usually extremely open to learn. AND they speak English. To be honest, I have just been speaking with everyone all the time in Spanish that it actually was harder in English to teach him. We'll see if he continues taking the lessons. We also have been trying to reactivate this less active member named Israel. He is 17 years old, and we are hoping to get him activated and go on a mission. We challenged him to re read the whole BOM and when we met with him yesterday he said he had already completed all of First Nephi!! What a huge accomplishment for him. 

And some good news: I am finally legal in Spain!! Haha. The residency process takes a long long time and is a huge pain. In fact, I was in Ciudad Real last week to try and do it and they shunned us away, telling us to go to Madrid. Well, we learned that all you have to do is argue a little with them. As bad and as horrible as it sounds, I am almost positive they are a lot more patient, and understanding with us because one thing: We are American..... and.... well we had a lawyer too. 

We had such a pain, and I was on the verge of deportation that we had our lawyer on standby, and after they rejected us, we were like, woah, woah, woah. One second I need to make a phone call. Talk to this man please. We then handed the phone over to the lady, and it was our lawyer on the phone. After a lot of frustrated talking for nearly 15 minutes (no joke), she went into the back room for another 10 minutes, and then came back and did my paperwork. She was not happy though. "Vale, pues, firma aquí, pone su huella aquí. Gracias, Venga!! Adios!"" Now, looks like I am not going anywhere for at least a year (when I need to renew it).

Finally, we had to fix a few things in our apartment, so the president of the branch came over and fixed them for us free of charge. To thank him for his help we made dinner for him and his family in our piso Saturday night. It was really fun, and Hatch and I worked together making the dinner and all. This week is the start of the new transfer, so 6 more week in Puertollano!!! Hahah. I am totally happy though. The time is just flying!!! Thanks again for the support!! 

Elder Steven Card

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