Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Sunday, September 4, 2011

August 29 - Faith Can Move Mountains?​? You Better Believe It!

Well.... this week... I was looking back on my journal to figure out what to write to everyone, and well, the truth is, there isn't that many amazing stories, but I feel like it was an amazingly productive week. Just good ole missionary work, and I am finally getting adjusted to my new area. Right after I sent my last email we went to the Sevilla Cathedral which is the largest Cathedral (based on area) in the world. It was amazing. I have a lot of pictures, but I will try and pick out the best ones to send, sorry if you don't receive them. It's because they are too big for your email to receive and I don't know how to shrink them.

Well, we had a goal of 20 lessons this week, and we worked so hard to get 20 lessons. It was just nothing but non stop prayer and hard work, since this area had never had 20 lessons, and I wanted my first full week here to be a great one. Well.... we saw miracles let me just say that. With faith you can accomplish everything. We had a slow start and only had 12 lessons going into the weekend, but we saw miracles. People with cranky old husbands who hate us, even called us back!! We set citas and got lessons out of nowhere. Sadly....... we didn't get 20, haha (I know, a little anti-climactic) but... we did get 19 lessons and that is a new record for the area! The thing is too we didn't even do too much differently than I guess they normally do, but with faith, the Lord will always help out, and look 19 lessons!!

Some of the people we are teaching are way cool. One is named Unai, and he is a 9 year old kid, and it is a bit difficult to actually teach him at time (the attention span thing....) but he is an awesome little kid who loves the missionaries. His mom is a meno activo, so we are trying to teach them both. He is coming along really well. Since he is 9, it is now the missionaries who come in and help.

We are also teaching this 17 year old kid named Kevin. He is pretty much.... me. He is really close friends to this strong active family in the ward and he is actually dating the daughter. Well, the daughter gave Kevin a Book of Mormon and now he is taking the discussions, much to the disliking of his mom. The difference is he has a hard time getting to church since he has no car.... but we will find a way!! I want to see this kid turn into a missionary just like I am. He is an amazing kid, it is way cool. Now I know, a little, what it is like to teach... well.... myself. To be in Elder Crandalls shoes.

Well, those are our top investigators.... a 9 year old kid and 17 year old teenager haha. But the work is coming along and I am having a blast. I am loving it.....

Well, remember awhile ago when I told you all to read the parable of the Good Samaritan... well I finally have the explanation and I hope you all learn something from these symbols and you can read it differently. Well.... it starts off with a lawyer questioning Jesus, and talking about who is our neighbor... Well, the parable starts with a certain man and we can put ourselves in that position, and it is really quite interesting the setting of Jerusalem and Jericho. Jerusalem is "a city on top of a hill" and is high up, while Jericho is the lowest inhabited city in the world, more than 800 feet below sea level. The road between the two cities is notoriously dangerous and winding. This can be seen as the fall of man, as he descends to go to Jericho. The man, or us, gets then attacked by thieves, or Satan and his temptations, and is left half dead. This can be seen spiritually dead, obviously not physically dead. Then a certain Samaritan comes along. A Samartian is a half Jew, half Gentile, and so who is this certain Samaritan? Jesus Christ. He heals us with the oil and wine or the Atonement and his Spirit, and he takes us to the inn, or church, and is always saying that he will pay what is necessary. Well.... I hope you all got something out of that haha... I think I through out all of the symbols I can remember.

Anyways.... I hope that you all have a great week, and thanks for the support!! I will talk to you all later!!

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