Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh the Life of a Missionary - September 19th

Well, considering that the blog followers would still want to receive an email, even though the week was fairly "dull", I will go ahead and explain what we as missionaries, and specifically what we in this area, Aljarafe, do. Well... it all starts with wake up time!!! We get up at 730 in the morning, and we work out, eat breakfast, shower, etc, etc. until 9am. At 9am we study. Study the scriptures, read from the Bible and Book of Mormon and the mission guide, Preach My Gospel. Then at 1000 we study again, but as a companionship. We share what we have learned in our individual study and kind of finalize the plans for the day. At 1100 it is out the door!!! We go onto the streets of Spain and.... wait... actually, we are a bit different. In my area, we are one of the few missionaries who have a car, so we utilize that. We hop in the car and drive off to our first cita (appointment). Our area is fairly large, and public transportation in our area is lacking so that is why we get a car. We cover about 6 or 7 pueblos.

We work all morning, and then at 1400 we come back to the house and have a few hours to rest. This is the typical siesta that you might have heard about in Spain. Well, the missionaries get one too. It is more of a necessity than anything else, since it is deathly hot outside at about these hours, and so the Spaniards refuse to come out of their houses to do anything. All they do is nap. We take this time from 1400 to 1700 to nap, cook lunch, read, study Spanish, etc. At 1700 we are out again doing our job until 2200. We come home, plan for the day to come and then eat dinner and what not, and 2330 we are in bed. I really like the schedule, it helps us do our job, and it is nice to be structured and organised. We are also on call for whatever needs to be done in our ward. For example, I am the ward pianist, and the first counselor called us Sunday morning to tell us that we were to give a talk that same Sunday haha. So we do a little bit of everything. In fact, this morning before emailing you, an elderly lady in the ward called and asked for a blessing so we dressed up and drove over to her house to do so. Well, it wasn't too exciting I know. I hope that next week something exciting happens so you will all still be interested in the blog. I will look for the stories. Thanks all for the support though. I really appreciate it.

Elder Steven Card

PS The Photos are of two kids in the ward who tried to wear Elder Hall and I's suit coats haha

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