Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5

Our mission has a goal of 300 baptisms this year, and we are short about 122, meaning we need about 30 a month until the end of the year. We usually average about 20-25 so it will be a stretch, but we are all, as a mission, extremely excited about the opportunity to reach this goal. This past week wasn't, once again sadly, too many amazing stories, but it was just a lot of good ole work, which is what I love. The time is flying since we are just working really hard every day. Our closest investigator to baptism is Soraya. She is in a wheelchair and super Catholic but super super nice. We are trying really hard to help her quit smoking. She is the second of our investigators who wants to quit. Well.... she wants to quit, but I don't know how much she is willing to actually do. Every time we try and say, okay, give us all of your tobacco, she pleads with us that we start the next day. No more of that. We need to just snatch them, and tell her it's time to quit. Besides that, she is a golden investigator and hopefully will be baptized on the 24th of September.

This weekend is Stake Conference which means we get to go to the Sevilla Stake Center which is an amazing building. It is like three stories and just an awesome chapel. I am really excited to go this weekend, I wonder if anyone special will be coming. Their last stake conference back in February had Donald Hallstrom and José Texiera. So... the chances of another Seventy or someone coming is slim, but we'll see.

This last Sunday was an amazing Sunday. I love our ward here so much. It is only about 50 or so people, but man, they are all amazing. Even with so little people I can see how happy everyone is, and it is like I am back home. We even have a lot of youth! I love just hanging out with them, and trying to get to know them, they are awesome kids. Also.... it is amazing but no one in our ward can play the piano, so I am the piano player for the ward. Can you believe it?? I didn't know how to play the piano pretty much at all before the mission but now I am the ward pianist. They even gave me an electric keyboard to practice with in the house haha. It is a lot more nerve wracking than I thought, so I have a lot more respect for all of the ward organists and pianists out there haha. One wrong note, and there goes the Spirit I feel haha. Well.... that is pretty much all to report from this week. I hope to have a lot of cool stories from this coming weekend. It should be good! Sorry for the small email this week, but thanks for all of your support and what not!! Much appreciated. Love you all!!

Elder Steven Card

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