Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Tomorrow??!!

I can't believe that tomorrow is New Years Day!! I can't beleive that it is 2011. Time flies so fast, I COMPELTELY FORGOT that tomorrow is the New Years. Shows how much I pay attention to the outside world.

Well, the past week has been pretty intense. Christmas was a great day. We all woke up and opened up all of our gifts in a circle each taking a turn with the cardboard Christmas tree in the back. It was a lot of fun. Then, we had our Christmas "Dinner" at like noon, and while the food was good the logistics of it was not. They had all few thousand missionaries in the cafeteria at once so I waited in line longer than I did actually eat food. Throughout Christmas we had a bunch of meetings. In the morning we had a Christmas Talent Show which was so so so funny. It was so fun to just kick back and relax and laugh. Plus, my companion and I have found the secret to getting to the front row without waiting in line forever so for that we sat in the second row, right behind MTC President Smith. After that Christmas "Dinner" we had a devotional. They never tell you who is speaking until right before. So we all start singing a song, and then the doors open up and who walks in through the door?........ MTC President Smith!! But then...... who walks in behind him?...... His wife! But then finally..... who walks in behind him?? Apostle Russell M Nelson!!! It was so legit! We all stood and were all super excited. He then shared his message, came back in the evening to share another message, and then even came back on Sunday to talk to all the Elders in Priesthood. It was awesome!!

This past week the oldest district finally left for the field. It was a weird expereince. I never thought that I would get so emotionally attatched to them. They were all such great missionaries, and I am happy to say that I actually became close friends with them all before they left. However, since they did leave, we had  to restructure our leadership, so I got called as our new District Leader haha. I used to like just sitting back in the shadows and doing my work, but now I have actual responsibilities. I look forward to the challenge though.

My new weight report: I think since I've been here for the past 30 days I have only gained about 6 pounds or so. Not bad for the amount of food I eat. I think it's also because I play basketball everyday and work myself to death when I play I must just sweat it all out. But other than that, that is all that is new. The status of my visa is unknown. Chances are I will be reassigned before Spain, or that's the prediction, but I am all for it. It's almost like I got two mini missions!! Anyways, thanks for all the support, and I love and appreciate all the letters!! Please continue to write and I will talk to you all soon!!!

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