Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Friday, January 14, 2011


So this entire week has been quite eventful which is quite the change! On Sunday we had our normal devotional. The speaker was Richard I Heaton, the administrative director of the MTC. He was doing a normal talk in front of the entire MTC and then he randomly asked people who have joined the church in the past 3 years stand up. After that, he narrowed it down, and asked for everyone who has been baptized within the past two years stand up. There actually were not that many people for the entire MTC. So all of us standing up, he asked for us to come down to the stand. We all then one by one told our conversion story in front of all 2000 or however many MTC missionaries. I was so nervous!!! But apparently everyone said I did really good and a lot of people laughed. I asked President Clegg (second counselor to the MTC presidency) to talk to his cousin (Malaga Spain's Mission pres) about my visa. Afterwards he pulled me aside and we talked for like 10 minutes and he said he would let Pres Clegg know I was on my way hahaha. It was cool, I got to talk to the entire MTC presidency that night. THEN.... my dream finally came true.

For Tuesday we had a devotional like always, but this time the speaker was no ordinary speaker. My dream has finally come true. Jeffrey R Holland came!! Luckily for me I was sitting in about the 3rd row, so it felt like he was talking directly to me. He spoke with such power and authority and it was awesome, to finally see one of his talks in person. It has just been an awesome week. For the past few months I have also been way addicted to this ice cream here from the BYU creamry. Roasted Almond Fudge. I LOVE it. I get like 3 bowls everytime it's out, and I even buy some from the vending machines. So to everyone who can try some, I highly reccommend you do so. To pass the time, I have been reading Jesus the Christ pretty regularly. I try and read about a chapter a day in my little free time. I'm about half way done, so it's been going good. I absolutely love that book!!!

It was funny, when I first got here I couldn't find Trevor to save my life, but I saw him once in the 5 days we were here together. Ethan came in on Wednesday and I have already seen him like 6 times. We have the same schedule!!! So we have the same meal times and gym!! What a miracle. I introduced him to all of my zone, and he played knockout with us his first gym period. It was so funny. People here don't really play the cut throat way, where you can knock other people's ball away. But Ethan didn't know that so he did so, and everyone didn't expect it. They were all getting upset and started to jokingly yell at Elder Grether to get out! I was busting up laughing so hard. I had to tell him afterwards that people from Utah can't handle the knockout the same way Oregonians do. Alright all, well that was pretty much the highlights of the week!!! Nothing new has been about my visa. It looks like I will still be here awhile, but I am not discouraged at all. In a way, it is like I get two mission calls! I'm excited to finally get out in the field though. I am waiting for that day to come. Keep writing all!!! I love hearing from everyone! I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Elder Steven Card

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