Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm leaving the MTC!

So I finally got my reassignment!!!!

I am going to be at this place until I get my visa. Some hints?

I've never been there before.....
It is east of the Mississippi River.........
It is south of Tennessee.......
Ironically...... the team that just beat Oregon is from this state.

Until I get my visa I will be serving in the Birmingham, Alabama mission!!! AND I leave this MONDAY!!! I check into the travel office at 5AM and then drive to the SLC Airport. Then, I fly from SLC to Dallas/Ft. Worth departing on American Airlines at 820am. I arrive around noon and then have a 3 hour layover from around noon to around 3, where then I board American Airlines again to Birmingham and arrive at around 4:30pm I think it was! Such short notice. Usually, they give you a week and half. I have known for less than 3 days. I am super excited though. I asked whether or not I would be speaking in Spanish there and they said it would be a lot of bilingual areas but it would be mostly up to my mission president who I know nothing about. Hmmm... what do you all want to know? I'll give you my mission address. If you want to send a letter or package then just send it to that address. If you already sent me something but I haven't got it by Monday, no fear, they will forward it to me. But from now on remember that if you send me DearElders you must send them to Birmingham, AL not the MTC. The Birmingham, Alabama mission home address is:

Elder Steven Card
3100 Lorna Rd Ste 102
Birmingham, AL 35216

So I am pretty excited to get out there, but I am so so scared and nervous at the same time. I got really comfortable the at MTC doing the same thing everyday and being with the same people everyday. But now I know it will be more exciting with a bigger reward. I was actually looking forward to (In a way) to staying awhile longer just because I have really gotten to love the missionaries in my zone. For example, Elder Janssen from West Jordan, UT going to Guadalajara, Mexico. He is awesome! We play volleyball and basketball every gym. We have this tradition of passing down items to the missionaries in the lower districts. Since my district is the oldest we have had our fairshare of passed down items in our collection. For example, I have been blessed with befriending the missionary with the memory foam mattress. Ever since he left I have had a peaceful night sleep. Then, my companion befriended the missionary with the fan. It helps with the warm nights in the room. Some other various items passed down have been an iron, special clothes hangers, a TIMEX clock, the special ties, etc, etc. Looking at those items.... I think it's obvious that I got the best one. Anyways, everything has been happening so fast. I am already in my phases of last. I already had my last gym period, and last devotional, etc. It is quite the phase. So I will be in Alabama for awhile until my visa comes. So feel free to still write me. Just cuz I am out of the MTC doesn't mean that I don't want letters anymore!! *cough cough* my birthday is on Feb 15!

Thanks again for all of the support,
Elder Steven Card

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