Opening My Mission Call

Opening My Mission Call
August 16, 2010

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day of Diamonds - April 15th

Well before I start going off about the Day of Diamonds, let me just throw out an announcement: I am getting transferred! That was fast. I was only here for two transfers, but considering I have only 5 left, I will most likely split that between going somewhere for three and then somewhere for two, but who knows. Point is, I am leaving this Wednesday for Elche!!!! This will be the biggest city I have served in and so I am pretty excited. I have only served in pueblos and now it is time to step into the concrete jungle that is Elche! And they have an amazingly beautiful chapel building. I will have to take some pictures for you. It is in the middle of a palm tree grove. I am fairly excited. My new companion will be Elder Redd and I already know who he is and we will do good work together. I am really excited. 

I have learned a lot though from Elder Fagersten and that is what I love about the mission you learn so much from each of your comps and you get to meet people from all over the world. Let's do a quick tally shall we? Two from Utah, one from Colorado, three from California, one from France, one from Kansas, one from Iowa and now Elder Redd is from Idaho.

Anyways, this was a great week. After I emailed you all last week we went to the park that is right across the street from our apartment and we fed the ducks and geese. There was even some peacocks and roosters roaming around. It was really cool and just fun to relax. Then, this last Wednesday we all decided to fast as a mission. We were going to spend all day on Friday to just contact and talk to the people in the stree so we needed to be prepared. The results were just amazing. As a mission we received 1400 people in one day who said that they would listen to the missionaries. We, in this tiny pueblo, received 24 of those people, and the fruits are already showing. Five of those 24 have already met with us and have shown desires to continue listening to us, which is just amazing considering of how the transfer went. This place is about ready to burst with success which is why I am a little sad to be leaving. 

This was just one giant testimony builder that God will always help. Some might have said that this was just all coincidence, but I believe it was truly that God doesn't cease to be a God of miracles. When we show faith we can achieve remarkable things. Here is a cool story:

This last Saturday we had a baptism here in Huercal Overa for the members of Lorca. They had two baptisms. Only one was planned though. What happened? Well that special day on Friday, named Day of Diamonds, one of the old investigators of the Lorca area called the missionaries and said that she wanted to be baptized.... tomorrow!!! So they just so happened to have a baptism already planned on Saturday so now they just made it a double baptism. It was a great miracle. A lady called and just says she wants to be baptized the next day?! How awesome!!! Well, another miracle happened during the baptism. One of the missionaries, Elder Avellar, prepared a special musical number for one of the people being baptized. Sadly, we had an electric keyboard in the chapel instead of a real one, but the power went out, in just the room of the keyboard. Well, we all gathered, went into the other room and prayed that if be the will of God that He allow the keyboard to somehow work for the baptism. Then, the miracle happened. The power came back into the room and the keyboard worked just long enough for Elder Avellar to perform his musical number (which brought the lady to tears) and afterwards the keyboard turned off again, and it wouldn't turn back on. In fact, we tried it again yesterday and it still doesn't work. It was just for that 30 minutes that it worked. Miracle! It was really cool.

Yesterday, all of the members were pretty shocked and sad to hear that I was leaving. One of the members invited us over for lunch and she made all of my favorite food of hers. She made me Spanish meatballs, this delicious soup that she makes, and jamón serano and cheese. AMAZING. Then we went to say goodbye to these British investigators that we have, and they invited us in for dinner as well. They fed me a legitimate English meal. Roast beef and gravy, Yorkshire pudding, peas and carrots and roasted parsnips. It was amazing and delicious and I was extremely grateful to say the least. I will miss them as well. Well, I will send you better pictures next week of Elche! Thanks for everything though!

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